How to Write Blogs That Convert Traffic

How to Write Blogs That Convert Traffic

Don’t panic. We are here to help.

Blogging is such an important part of ranking your website and converting traffic. We don’t want you to be left out. Keep reading and you will find out how to write blogs.

This article is you first step to learning how to write blogs that convert traffic.

How do blog articles help you?
People are constantly looking for information. They want to be educated. Writing blogs will help you win their trust by answering their questions. Once you have their trust, they will be more likely to buy from content icon

What kind of content should you have?
You should strive to create value-first content. Do not try to sell yourself or your services. Instead, write about things people want to know about. Grab their attention, answer their questions, entertain them…

How often should you blog?
The answer varies depending on your business and audience. If you notice that posting a few times a week works better than posting every day, then you should apply this strategy. However, be consistent – have a posting schedule and stick to it.

What should you write about?
Anything that could interest your audience, while staying true to your niche. For example, you could write about trends in your industry, infographics, controversial stories, unanswered questions, etc.

What format should you use?
Text is the most popular format. Videos, nonetheless, have proven to be a very effective method of converting leads and driving engagement. Also, add high quality royalty free images to transform your article. You could even create images to help relay information, such as infographics.

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