9 Proven High-Converting Content Marketing Examples

You may be asking yourself, “how to convert traffic?”.

The answer is by creating engaging content – a kind of content that your customers will want to read, and interact with.

If you wish to learn a few simple tricks to make your content more interesting and engaging, continue reading!


Here is a list of high-converting content marketing examples:

  1. Value-first content

No matter what your content is about, stop trying to sell it. You should be creating content that people want to read, and can learn from. To put it simply people have come to your website because they want to learn something – not to be told what they should do, or purchase. Always cater towards your consumer’s interests, and less about yourself.

  1. Embed videos

Videos are a great way to increase engagement on your website and make your content more interactive. Fun fact: blog posts that feature a video attract 3 times more inbound links than a plain text post.
You don’t have to produce the videos yourself if you don’t have the budget or abilities. Instead, try featuring a relevant video you have found elsewhere on the web!

  1. High quality pictures

Visual content can yield incredible results when it comes to increasing engagement. Humans are visually driven creatures – research has found that 40% of people respond better to visual content.
You should take advantage of any opportunity to publish high quality pictures. Don’t forget to make sure the photos you upload are free to use if they are not yours.

  1. Good website design

Studies show that 46.1% of people judge a company’s credibility on its design (before even looking at content!).
Finding the right design for your website is hard and takes time, but it is important. You should continue improving your design and layout until desired results are seen.


Create content that reaches your audience’s audience.” – Ann Handley, MarketingProfs
Quotes work really effectively when it comes to drive engagement. People love to read quotes and share them. Don’t be shy to use them, or even have a one-quote-a-day routine for your website.

  1. Choose the right topic

One of the hardest parts of maintaining a blog is choosing the right topics to write about.
There are many possibilities. You should be constantly asking yourself: what do my customers want to read? What are they interested in?
Your subjects should include: the latest events in your industry, current trends, statistics, and any other information relevant to your customers.

  1. Use the right tone

You have to establish an appropriate tone when talking to your audience. Be aware that people are reading and listening to you.Don’t be afraid to sound friendly and relaxed. You can even make jokes or use puns to try and make your readers smile! However: you should know where to draw a line between acceptable and informal language, mate!

  1. Prove that what you are saying is true

The best way for people to believe and appreciate what you are saying is to include proof that it is true. You should consider linking your website to pages that involve influencers, sharing statistics, and quotes. Also, social proofing is really going to help your audience trust you. Your visitors are more likely to trust your content if they are able to read other people’s reactions to your posts.

  1. Interact with your community

If your audience reacts to your content, it means that you’ve managed to increase engagement. Whenever your customers share and comment on your posts, it is usually a good sign. Community management is very important when blogging; so you should interact with your community and reply to them when they are comment or ask a question. Getting them to contribute by sharing their ideas and opinions will make your post more alive and friendly.


So there you have it. These content marketing examples are proven to dramatically help converting your customers into leads.

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