8 Proven Ways to Create A Website Users Will Love

8 Proven Ways to Create A Website Users Will Love

If you are a company or an individual, you must know that a basic website is not very attractive. It might even look a bit dodgy sometimes! Studies have revealed that the design on a website affects its trustworthiness, even before thinking about the content it holds.

To create a website users will love, you need to focus on the customer experience and make it as smooth and nice as possible. Here are 8 ways to create a good, interactive and engaging website users will love and buy from.

  1. A good design

Business owners should be aware that their design is a reflection of their business, even if it is not intentional. If you do not care about your design, then your design is telling people that you don’t care about your business.
Choose the right colour and the right layout that will drive more traffic and convert more leads into customers. Use A/B Testing to compare which element works best. Also, don’t be scared of using white space. You want your text to breathe and so do your visitors.

  1. Value first content

This is extremely important. You should always create value-first content. People want to be instructed and they want to learn from you. They want your content to be interesting and engaging. At all time, you should remember to focus on creating value-first content.  Use pictures and videos to create more engaging content.

  1. If it is important, make it obvious:

If you want to send an important message, it must be clear and concise. Use headlines to separate your ideas and use bold to emphasise what is important. People should also be able to find easily what they are looking for.

  1. Social proof

Users will want proof that what you are saying is true, especially if they are potential buyers. What works best is allowing people to comment on your articles, having testimonials and linking to other trustworthy websites. This will all help in creating a trusting relationship between your brand and the user.

  1. Limit interactions

 Too many choices can be overwhelming sometimes and lead to “action paralysis”. It will result in the user not doing anything. Therefore, the wise thing to do is to keep it simple by only giving them a few options.
For example, instead of displaying a list of 20 e-books to download, only choose five of the very best. This will increase the chances of them downloading the e-books.

  1. Directional cues

This is the fun and interesting part! All users, when visiting a website don’t like to have to think too much about what they have to do. This is why you have to direct them, but in a really specific way. Studies have shown (httpss://blog.kissmetrics.com/eye-tracking-studies/) that a user’s eyes move in a ‘F direction’ on-screen, and are only focusing on certain elements on a webpage. By using small hints on pictures or on the design of your website, you can get the user to act the way you would like him to act!

Take a look at this example:


Read more about direction cues here.

  1. Responsive for mobiles

You should remember that a user can visit your website on a computer but also on a mobile device. Accordingly, you must make sure that your website is responsive to both computer and mobile devices. If that is not the case, it may result in your website being incorrectly displayed on their screen and in them leaving the webpage.

  1. Fast website

Literally no one likes a slow website. Users do not like to wait and they want a fast website with fast loading pages and content. Slow websites have an extremely negative impact on your customer’s experience. Indeed, they are less likely to stay on your website and buy from it.
On that account, ensure your pages load fast and only upload necessary content and elements.  You might also want to consider premium hosting to make sure nothing is holding down your potential.

So that’s it! Now you have everything you need to go and build a great website users will love! Let us know if you think there is anything we should add to this list.